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Access Control Systems

Electronic access control is an essential security service for any business or public building. Soundsafe designs, installs, and helps you manage the best system for your Connecticut-based facility.

Access Control Systems Connecticut

Soundsafe has protected Connecticut businesses, organizations, and municipalities since 1973. Access control enables you to monitor and restrict who goes where and when. The installation and integration of electronic controls with other core security services provide comprehensive coverage for your facility, staff, and patrons. Our systems include management support from our local office and Central station to assist you with timely user and system changes. 

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Access Control Services

Access control systems consist of on-premise servers, appliances, and cloud-based software. Proximity readers located at doors and gates can be accessed with cards, key fobs, biometrics, and mobile phones. Soundsafe partners with leading security manufacturers to integrate, install, and support the following features:

Access Control Appliances and Servers

Access Control SaaS Cloud

Electronic Locking and Automated Door Control

Biometric, Card, Key Fob and Proximity Readers

Custom Access Reporting and More

Electronic access control

Soundsafe Access Control Systems

Our controlled access systems support basic designs up to the most complex integrated systems with technology ranging from standard proximity to highly secured biometric and ID badging specifications. Soundsafe access systems:

  • Reduce cost and the need for onsite security personnel
  • Decrease your liability and risk
  • Eliminate the expense of re-keying or changing locks
  • Decrease incidences of employees setting off false alarms
  • Allow for temporary access cards for visitors and vendors
  • Local Central Station provides rapid response and quick service

Access Control Systems

Access control systems empower you to restrict and track entry into designated areas of your facility. We support your business by designing and managing an electronically controlled and accountable facility that protects sensitive information and provides a safer work environment for your employees.

This electronic technology eliminates the expense of re-keying your building or installing new locks when keys are lost or unaccounted for. Access cards, fobs, or mobile keys can easily be deactivated or re-issued.

Technology Partners

  • ACRE Access – ACRE is one of the industry’s most innovative technology partners and a global leader in physical security systems and services. ACRE supplies advanced, scalable, easy-to-use and integrated systems across access, intrusion detection, and communication network platforms for applications of all sizes and complexity.
  • AssaAbloy Opening Solutions – are leaders in the provision of door openings and access solution products in homes, businesses and institutions.
  • DMP – is a family-owned independent manufacturer of intrusion, fire, access and cellular alarm solutions. All DMP products are designed, engineered and manufactured in America with U.S. and global components.
  • HID Access Control – as the world leader in access solutions, HID Global provides the highest level of security for facilities, assets, networks and resources.
  • Open Options Access Technology – has been delivering global open platform access control solutions since 1997.
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Benefits of Access Control Systems

Access control systems have become essential for ensuring the security of businesses, organizations, and residences. Soundsafe offers reliable electronic access systems that provide numerous benefits. Systems can effectively control who enters a building or a restricted area, which helps to enhance the overall security of the premises. Access control systems eliminate the need for traditional keys and locks, which can be easily copied or lost, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. Our systems also provide detailed entry reports to investigate security breaches or incidents.

In addition, reliable access control systems from Soundsafe can significantly improve the convenience and efficiency of access management. These systems provide flexible entrance control options, such as the ability to program different entry levels for individuals depending on their roles and responsibilities. This flexibility enables authorized personnel to easily access defined areas without requiring multiple keys or waiting for someone else to open the door.

Soundsafe’s access control systems integrate with other security services, such as video surveillance and alarm systems, to provide a comprehensive security solution. This integration enhances security and simplifies the management of various security systems, saving time and effort for your management team.