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Security System Services

We design, install and integrate security system services with top-tier equipment and leading technology. From access control to video surveillance, learn how we secure your business.

access control door

Access Control Systems

Electronic access control empowers you to allow, restrict and track access in and out of your facility. Fobs, cards, and biometrics readers coupled with locks and cloud-based monitoring technology give you total control over access to your building.
Video surveillance monitor camera

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance and monitoring systems deter threats and help protect your business from intrusion, theft and disasters. Smart monitoring systems can also provide valuable insights to improve operational safety and efficiency.

Fire alarm system security

Fire Alarm & Life Safety

Fire and environmental threats can have devastating impacts on your business, property, employees and visitors. Soundsafe designs fire and life safety systems that provide maximum protection to mitigate threats and help prevent potential disasters.

Integrated security system

Integrated Security Systems

Integrating security services to form a robust system provides maximum protection from external and internal threats. From intrusion detection to life safety systems and video monitoring, you’ll have peace of mind with our integrated systems.

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Security system installation

Business Solutions

Connecticut businesses and organizations rely on Soundsafe’s trusted integrated systems for solutions to meet their unique security needs. From commercial facilities to public institutions, our areas of expertise include:

Commercial office building security

Commercial Office Buildings

Trusted security technology and integrated systems provide the maximum level of deterrence, control, and protection for office buildings both large and small.

dealership security solutions

Dealerships & Outdoor

Integrated security systems including verified outdoor monitored security are a must for exposed areas that contain vehicles or machinery critical to dealership operations.

Faith-Based & Non-Profits

Protecting the sanctity and safety of members are at the core of our integrated security systems including emergency threat activations and mass notification.

municipal building security

Government & Municipal

State, Local municipal buildings and properties require integrated systems with close monitoring  to ensure the safety of staff, visitors, archives, and equipment.

school security

Schools & Campus

From enabling Safe Corridor Systems with local police collaboration to video monitoring, access control and threat detection, Soundsafe protects Connecticut’s schools and campuses.

warehouse security

Warehouse & Distribution

To prevent theft, warehouses and distribution centers require internal and external monitoring capabilities integrated with remote and environmental alarms.