Access Control Solutions

Electronic access control is becoming an essential security feature for most businesses of today.

Soundsafe Security Systems controlled access systems allow you to restrict and track access into designated areas of your facility. We support your business by designing and managing an electronically controlled accountable facility by protecting sensitive information and providing a safer work environment for your employees.

With this electronic technology we eliminate the expense of re-keying your building or installing new locks when keys are lost or unaccounted for. And with the ability to duplicate mechanical keys, there is minimal security actually provided by mechanical keys today. Access cards or fobs can be easily deactivated, or if needed, an updated one can be issued.

At Soundsafe Security Systems, we provide management support from our office, and our central station to assist you with user and system changes. Most client requests will often be addressed and completed within minutes.

Our controlled access systems support the most basic designs up to complex, integrated systems with technology ranging from standard proximity to highly secured biometric, and ID badging specifications.

  • Our technology eliminates the expense of re-keying or changing locks when employees leave.
  • Users/employees are less likely to set off false alarms.
  • Automatically regulating access reduces the need for onsite security personnel.
  • System allows for temporary access cards to be used by visitors and vendors.
  • Access control decreases your liability and risk.

Soundsafe Security installs, configures and supports the following Enterprise Access Platforms and Products: