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What Criminals Look for When Targeting a Business

Generally, criminals are not the smartest of individuals. Still, they can be quite crafty when it comes to identifying the easiest, most lucrative targets for their nefarious activities. The reasons for this activity are obvious—there is less risk of being caught and the payoff is greater. Here’s what they—and you—should look for when evaluating your business for its susceptibility to theft.

Distracted Employees

By far, the greatest deterrent to theft is highly visible and engaged employees. Every customer should be greeted and made aware that the employees have noticed them. Nine times out of ten, a thief will just move on to the next victim.

Money Handling Patterns

Do you allow large amounts of cash to build up in the money drawers out front? Do you always go to the bank at the same time every day to make the daily deposit? Thieves notice these things and will take advantage of them at some point. It is simple enough to vary your routine and make this particular type of targeting that much more difficult.

Camera Free Environments

Thieves are famous for being camera shy. Whether you use real or dummy ones, highly visible cameras dissuade the majority of thieves from even considering a target. At the very least, ensure that you install one at every entrance to your store.

Unlit Entryways

When all else fails, thieves will wait until a business closes before perpetrating their crime. In this instance, their favored spots are any unlit and concealed areas that allow access to a window or door.

No Security System

Let’s face it. All things being equal a thief would rather not deal with a security system than with one. In addition to the chance of setting off the alarm, the system must be dealt with and that takes time… and no thief wants to spend more time at a crime scene then necessary.