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3 Social Media Smarts to Keep You Safe

Social Media Safety—Soundsafe Security Systems
Next time you’re snapping a shot on your phone and posting it in only seconds, think—are you being safe on social media? Here are 3 things to remember about social media that can help keep you, your family and your home safe.

Are You Sharing Where You Live with Everyone?
That new paint job on your house is beautiful, but now everyone knows exactly what your house looks like. It may even show your house number! And does your phone share your location with your post? “Just finished painting the house—near Anytown, USA.” Now everyone knows which city you live in and what your home looks like. #notsmart

Are You Sharing Where You AREN’T?
Your exotic vacation photos let everyone know that you aren’t anywhere near home for at least a few days. Consider posting those beach shots after you get home.

Inventory Your Valuables Somewhere Else
That new pearl necklace he just gave you. That huge TV in the background of the video where your little girl is dancing in the living room. You’re giving away the goods. And then telling everyone when you go out for a night on the town! Instead, make a list of your valuables for your insurance company. They are the only people who need to know about them!