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School Security Systems

Schools are increasingly vulnerable to crime, violence, and vandalism. Security systems that meet safety regulations to protect students, staff, and assets are critical to threat mitigation and rapid response.

School Security Systems Connecticut

As the leader in Connecticut, Soundsafe has provided comprehensive school security solutions and Safe Corridor for the educational community in Fairfield County and others for over 40 years. Effective School security systems require strong partnerships with local authorities to design, install, monitor, and respond to threats quickly. We collaborate with local officials to provide the most comprehensive security solutions with trusted technology that meets rigorous standards and the changing security needs of today’s educational facilities.

School Security System Services

Soundsafe provides certified security systems for school buildings and properties. Our integrated services are equipped with verified technology to give students, teachers, and staff a safer environment. In addition to local partnerships, our school security services include:

Safe Corridor Systems

Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems

Video Monitoring & Management

Access Control & Verified Intrusion Detection

24/7 Montoring & Response

School corridor security system

Security Success at Bridgeport Schools - Safe Corridor System

Soundsafe successfully implemented a Safe Corridor System in Bridgeport that safeguards children within school premises and surrounding neighborhoods. With the responsibility of managing over 2000 cameras for the Board of Education, we created a cutting-edge School Security Fusion Center where Bridgeport School Security and the Bridgeport Police work hand-in-hand to prevent and solve crime with advanced technologies at their disposal.

The City of Bridgeport School Security Fusion Center boasts comprehensive and innovative security measures, including school-wide video deployment, advanced video analytics, license plate recognition, and gunshot detection, that provide swift and safe responses to any critical situation all year round. Our ultimate mission is to ensure maximum safety and protection for the students, visitors, and staff of Bridgeport Schools.

Benefits of a Soundsafe  Security System for Schools

Soundsafe offers customized integrated security systems tailored specifically for schools and campuses to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff. Our expert installation, maintenance, and support ensure your school or campus’s security system is compliant and equipped to manage potential threats during emergencies and day-to-day operations.

With our integrated security systems, you can quickly detect and respond to emergencies such as active shooter incidents, medical emergencies, and severe weather events. Our systems combine video cameras, access control systems, and alarms for a comprehensive approach to security. Real-time remote monitoring and affiliation with local authorities enable reliable and rapid emergency response.

Our integrated security systems also help improve day-to-day operations by controlling access to sensitive areas and monitoring for security breaches or safety hazards. Theft and vandalism prevention measures help keep school property and equipment safe. Most importantly, our integrated security systems offer students, faculty, and staff peace of mind. With a demonstrated commitment to safety, schools and campuses can create a positive school culture and a safer environment.