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Municipal Security Systems

Municipal buildings and local government facilities face a surge of threats. A compliant, integrated security system is critical to protect citizens and properties from violence, theft, and vandalism.

Municipal  Security Systems Connecticut

Soundsafe has been protecting Connecticut municipal buildings and facilities since 1973. As a trusted security provider, we design and install customized integrated security solutions with verified technology to meet local government facilities’ unique physical challenges and access requirements. Soundsafe is a registered GSA and CT State contractor.

Municipal Building Security Services

Soundsafe secures municipal buildings with the best technology and security services to meet the rigorous demands of each city and municipality. We partner with local enforcement officials to design and install NDAA-compliant, multi-tiered security systems that include:

Verified Intrusion Detection and Access Control

Video Surveillance, Monitoring & Management

Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems

24/7 Montoring & Response

Municipal Security System New Haven Courthouse

Security Success Bridgeport - Threat Detection, Task Force and Recovery

At Soundsafe, we understand that public safety is paramount. We partnered with the Bridgeport Police Department to create a cutting-edge Real Time Crime Center in their Fusion Center. This advanced command center provides access to thousands of video cameras and state-of-the-art technologies, including active and passive video surveillance, gunshot detection, decision-based analytics and threat detection, and license plate recognition. We’re proud to have integrated a cloud-based License Plate Recognition system called Rekor into the system, which has already led to the formation of the Regional Auto Theft Task Force and numerous arrests and vehicle recoveries. With the Real Time Crime Center in place, local, state, and federal authorities can work together seamlessly to protect the community and ensure a safer tomorrow.

Benefits of Soundsafe’s Municipal Building Security Systems

Our all-in-one security systems are essential for municipal buildings and government properties. They not only help guarantee that employees, visitors, and citizens accessing the building are safe but also protect government data and equipment. Integrating security features like access control systems, video surveillance, intrusion, and fire detection ensures that any potential threats are quickly detected, and authorities alerted for rapid response during emergencies.

By partnering with Soundsafe, government facility managers can customize security systems to meet their unique needs to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens. Citizens will have peace of mind knowing that the municipal property has state-of-the-art security services, leading to increased trust and enhanced community engagement.