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Dealership Security Systems

Auto dealerships and outdoor equipment lots are vulnerable to theft and vandalism. An integrated security system that can identify actual threats is critical to protect your assets and keep your business running smoothly.

Outdoor Security Systems Connecticut

Soundsafe provides verified monitored video security solutions for dealerships and exposed outdoor storage lots throughout Connecticut. Our outdoor and indoor security systems integrate Smart cameras with intelligent technology to provide a more data-rich, accurate, and effective security system. Soundsafe’s expert installations help deter and identify actual threats from false flags to enable rapid-response capability from appropriate local authorities.

Dealership Security Services

Soundsafe secures your dealerships, outdoor locations, and perimeter with the most reliable hardware and software designed to meet outdoor conditions’ rigorous environmental and security demands. Services include:

Video Surveillance, Monitoring & Management

Analytics based threat decision matrix

Thermal Camera Detection

Perimeter and Boundary Detection

24/7 Montoring & Response

dealer lot security system

Security Success at Outdoor Yard in CT - Thermal Video Camera

In their outdoor storage lot, a local landscape company was plagued by theft and vandalism. Soundsafe rose to the challenge by engineering and installing a groundbreaking video surveillance system that was both easy to operate and affordable. The system included cutting-edge thermal cameras capable of operating in all weather conditions. It also incorporated intelligent analytical software and implemented a reporting protocol with our nearby Central station.

Our thermal cameras are designed to capture objects that pass through their field of view and make intelligent determinations about whether they pose a threat or are benign, like a wandering pet on the premises. Should a potential threat be detected, our expert staff at the Central station are immediately alerted and mobilized to respond.

On two separate occasions since installation, verified threats were detected and our Central station successfully contacted local authorities to respond and neutralize the issue. Since then, there have been no further reports of intrusion, theft, or vandalism on the premises. With Soundsafe’s innovative solutions, outdoor storage lots are secured.

Benefits of Soundsafe’s Dealership Security Systems

Soundsafe’s integrated security systems provide additional security and protection for valuable Dealership assets. Comprehensive surveillance and monitoring capabilities with strategically placed security cameras cover the entire premises to minimize blind spots and deter potential criminals. Additionally, motion sensors and alarm systems instantly alert security personnel or local authorities in cases of suspicious activity or unauthorized access.

Integrating access control systems, video surveillance, and alarm systems enhances operational efficiency by streamlining security management processes. Access systems restrict entry to authorized personnel, preventing theft or vandalism. Real-time video feeds can be accessed remotely, enabling continuous monitoring and quick response to security breaches. This integration minimizes manual efforts, improves response times, and increases security.

A Soundsafe security system provides ultimate assurance to dealership owners and customers alike. Its full-ranging security measures provide peace of mind by safeguarding the premises so that assets are protected, employees can concentrate on their duties uninterrupted, and customers feel secure.