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Commercial Security Systems

Commercial offices, businesses, and retail locations require integrated security systems to protect your property, staff, and patrons against internal and external threats.

Commercial Security Systems Connecticut

Soundsafe protects Connecticut’s commercial buildings and offices with innovative and reliable security solutions. Since 1973, we’ve designed, installed, and managed integrated security systems for Connecticut-based commercial properties. With our local UL Listed Monitoring Station and support services, you get 24/7 protection and a more rapid response from local first responders.

Office Security System Services

Soundsoundsafe offers the highest level of security with integrated, state-of-the-art systems for commercial offices. Expertly crafted security plans and intelligent system installations protect your business from actual threats while preventing disruptive false-flag notifications. Services include:

Access Control and Verified Intrusion Detection

Video Monitoring and Remote Management

Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems

Emergency Threat Activation and Mass Notification

24/7 System Monitoring & Response

Commercial office access control security

Benefits of Soundsafe’s Commercial Security Systems

As a commercial office, building, or business owner, the safety and security of your employees, tenants, and visitors are a top priority. Soundsafe’s integrated security systems include a comprehensive suite of security features and offer a range of benefits to provide peace of mind and enhance the safety of your commercial property.

By detecting and responding to potential hazards, such as fires, leaks, and intruders, our security system helps identify and mitigate safety risks before they become significant, protecting people and property. Our real-time monitoring and remote access capabilities enable security staff to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.

In addition to improving safety, an integrated security system can help prevent theft and protect valuable assets. Sensors, access control systems, and surveillance cameras can detect and deter theft, while detailed reporting and auditing capabilities make it easier to identify potential discrepancies.

Our security systems don’t just improve safety and security. They can also boost operational efficiency. With access and monitoring capabilities, you can gain valuable data and actionable insights to help you optimize operations and reduce waste.