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Business Security Solutions

Soundsafe designs, installs, and manages leading integrated security solutions for Connecticut businesses and organizations. See our industry-specific services and installations.
commercial office security system

Commercial Office & Retail

Offices, buildings, and retail business locations require integrated security systems designed to meet the specific needs of your commercial location. Fully integrated systems provide the highest level of security for your staff, patrons, and facility.

Government security city hall

Government & Municipal

State-run and municipal-owned buildings or properties require additional security with real-time monitoring and recording. With their unique needs, an integrated approach provides deterrence and enables rapid response from local authorities.

car dealership security solution

Dealerships & Outdoor

Auto dealerships, outdoor lots, and storage areas are vulnerable to internal, external, and environmental threats. Integrating the latest technologies to detect and notify of threats while minimizing false flags is critical to an effective security system.

school security

Schools & Campuses

Schools and campuses face increasing threats that require robust integrated security systems. Safe Corridor Programs and fire and life safety systems with direct links to local authorities for rapid response are crucial to protect educational facilities.

Church security

Faith-based & Non-profit

Houses of Worship have seen an uptick in threats. A robust integrated security system is a must to protect the sanctity and safety of staff and members. Access control, immediate detection, and notification with rapid local response minimize threats and impacts.

Warehouse security

Warehouse & Distribution

Thieves increasingly target warehouses and distribution centers. Integrated security and monitoring systems deter inventory theft, minimize environmental damage, and protect your staff and customers from potential hazards.

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Security System Services

Soudsafe provides stand-alone security system services and fully integrated systems designed and built with reliable hardware and technologically sound software from top-tier manufacturers including:

Integrated security systems

Integrated Security Systems

Integrated security systems provide better protection than stand-alone security services. Deterrence and threat detection are at the core of integrated systems where hardware and software work together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive security system.

Access Control Door

Access Control Systems

Access control systems limit and track entry into buildings and sensitive areas of your facility. Cloud-based systems that include electronic lock mechanisms coupled with proximity readers and mobile or biometric readers provide the control your business requires.

Fire alarm protection monitoring

Fire Alarm & Life Safety

Fire and Life safety systems are critical to every enterprise, facility, campus, and municipality’s security. If a fire strikes or carbon monoxide is present, quick and accurate detection and alarms are crucial to protect your staff and property from catastrophic damage.

video surveillance camera

Video Surveillance Systems

A video surveillance system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy. Whether you manage one location or thousands, an effective video surveillance system can serve as a crime deterrent and uncover key operational insights into your business.